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'Room Can Moreno' is an antique town house dated back to 1945 in which my grandparents lived and which brings me back a lot of good memories.

The idea of 'Rooms Can Moreno' and the success of this project is without doubts based on the concept to create a space where you are able to disconnect, where you as a client feel like at home, where there is no place for 'busy back soon', where you can relax and enjoy being with "yours", your family, friends...Basic premise I search for myself.

From the beginning of the renovation process it was clear for me to maintain the set of features of antique houses. Maintain the old sand stone walls (Mares), being able to preserve the old kitchen tiles and so on. In my mind the white was always prevalent, color of freedom. This combined with furniture older then 30 years, furniture with a lot of personal history, furniture which forms part of our family history. 

The house has been completely renovated. Our goal was to create an ambient of relax and freedom in which you can rest and enjoy without preoccupations. 3 apartments are housed in this little place, with our recommendations for the common spaces shared by these apartments, like the pool area, we assure that every guest finds itself in an environment where he is comfortable at all times. 

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Josep Gari

Tel: +34 626 045 549
e-mail: info@roomscanmoreno.com


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